Dot Mini

the most affordable and refreshable braille display.

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    Dot Incoporation

Dot Mini is potentially a small revolution for the 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide, who have extremely limited access to written knowledge. In 2016 Dot Incorporation partnered with Serviceplan to conceive Dot, the first Braille Smartwatch for blind and visually impaired people. Dot Braille Smartwatch won a host of international awards, and the Dot Mini was conceived in 2018. The motive is to change the lives of millions of blind and visually impaired people through an unbelievably innovative technology.

The Dot Braille Smartwatch is one vehicle to do so, the Dot Mini is another one. And there are more to come.

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Only three percent of all existing text content is accessible through Braille,

due to the expense and complexity of translation.

New York Festival Gold & Silver 2019
ONE SHOW Gold 2019
SPIKES Asia Gold 2018
LIA Gold & Silver & Bronze 2018
CANNES Gold & Silver 2018
CLIO Gold & Silver 2018
EUROBEST Gold & Silver & Bronze 2018