Serviceplan Korea


Juli Kang
Managing Partner & CEO

Serviceplan Korea





Serviceplan Korea is part of the Serviceplan Group, the largest and most diversified owner- and partner-managed agency group in Europe. 

The fragmentation of today's media landscape requires broad and deep specialist knowledge. At the same time, agencies must not lose sight of the big picture and the "big idea". This is why our focus is on truly integrated work with all of our customers' corporate brands.

We are combining all manner of communication disciplines under one roof: whether they are brand strategists, creative professionals, online specialists, web designers, dialogue or CRM experts or Social media specialists – everybody acts in concert in the only fully integrated agency model globally.

Our Independence, Integration and Internationalization makes us one of the most creative and most innovative communications agencies in the world. 

A passion for building and coaching fascinating brands is what unites us at Serviceplan. Brands that are successful in business and brands that trigger emotions in consumers' minds – the best brands.

The road to this success is via innovative communications.

This means finding new ways to get into consumers' hearts: creatively, using media, using technology and by integrating all three of these things.

We have been living and breathing this approach for years.