Serviceplan Korea ranked # 1 Independent Agency in APAC by The One Club

Serviceplan Korea, ranked # 1 Independent Agency in APAC by The One Club


Serviceplan Korea, the Korean subsidiary of Serviceplan Group, the largest independent advertising company in Europe, continues to prove its competitiveness by consistently winning awards at international advertising festivals.

Serviceplan Korea has achieved great acclaim by being selected as the "#1 Independent Agency, Asia" in the 2023 Won-Club Awards. 

This recognition as the top independent agency in Asia, especially after winning consecutively since the AdFest in March 2023, holds significant importance.

Serviceplan Korea has received numerous accolades at various advertising festivals. In the "Experiential & Immersive" category at the One Show, they won a Gold and Silver award. In the "Interactive & Mobile Craft" category, they received a Gold award. They also achieved Gold, Bronze, and Silver awards in the "IP & Product Design" and "Health & Wellness" categories, respectively.

At the ADC 102nd Annual Awards, Serviceplan Korea won the Best of Discipline in the "Product Design" category, along with two Gold and one Silver award. They were also honored with the Fusion Cube, which recognizes works that embody principles of diversity, equality, and inclusivity, starting from 2021.

Additionally, at the Clio Awards, Serviceplan Korea received the prestigious Grand Clio in the "Design" category and two Bronze awards in the "Digital/Mobile" category.

In particular, at the ADC Awards, Serviceplan Korea is the only domestic winner.

The award-winning campaign that received consecutive accolades is "Dot Pad, The First Smart Tactile Graphics Display," which is a brand campaign for the startup Dot. Dot Pad is the world's first smart tactile graphic display for visually impaired individuals, utilizing the core technology called "Dot Cell," which Dot has been researching and developing for seven years since its establishment in 2015. Serviceplan has been supporting Dot's brand incubation and global marketing efforts through an innovation team that integrates Korea and the global market since the early days of Dot's establishment. By entering this international advertising festival, Serviceplan's creative marketing and communication achievements have been recognized.

Ahrum Choi, Director of Social Impact at Dot Inc., expressed her joy in receiving global recognition for the value of Dot Pad and stated that they will continue to make efforts to enhance user experience.

Ji-hyun Julie Kang, CEO of Serviceplan Korea, expressed great honor in receiving consecutive awards at the world's top advertising festivals and stated, "We are proud to be recognized for Serviceplan's unique Über-creativity in various categories. With Serviceplan's global human and material resources, we aim to assist the overseas market expansion of large corporations and contribute to the revenue growth of not only leading brands but also various emerging brands in the domestic market."

Meanwhile, Serviceplan Group, with 22 offices worldwide and 5,000 employees, is the largest independent advertising company in Europe. It has been recognized globally for its outstanding creative capabilities, being selected as Agency of the Year in prestigious festivals such as Cannes Lions, New York Festivals (NYF), and London International Awards (LIA) in 2022. Serviceplan Korea handles annual TV, digital advertising, and media agency services for major brands such as SK Hynix, HiteJinro, SK Telecom, LG Electronics, and Hyundai Oilbank. Recently, they secured the global advertising campaign and digital account for Samyang Foods in the domestic market, and they are planning to showcase new campaigns for the popular Buldak brand in the global market.


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