MY BMW STORY: Accompanying BMW for 20 Years

MY BMW STORY: Accompanying BMW for 20 Years

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, BMW Korea Aftersales wanted express sincere thanks to the loyal customers who have owned BMW for over 20 years. Since these customers are espcially important for BMW, the Aftersales team needed a special communication method for them.

After almost a year of preparing for thanking the 20-plus-year customers, a BMW stories contest was held in the Spring of 2016. Since the contest’s target group was those who owned a BMW vehicle for over 20-year period, we interpreted the relationship between the owner and his or her vehicle as that of a ‘special partner,’ not just simply between the owner and a vehicle. Hence, we communicated the event under the theme, “Accompanying BMW for 20 Years.” We selected the winners based on the merits of their own special BMW story, along with the maintenance condition of the actual vehicles that have accompany them for 20 years. 

Collected various UGCs that reveal various memories and deep affection of BMW, different maintenance know-hows, etc. A BMW owner who inherited the vehicle from his father-in-law was chosen as the First Place Winner, and his story has beed shot in a short online film that was aired on BMW’s official Facebook and Youtube channels. In addition, the winner’s BMW vehicle was displayed at the BMW Driving Center exhibition.


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