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As a top media agency, Mediaplus provides optimal conditions for media buying.

Along with MagnaGlobalMediaplus, we are the fourth-largest media buyer in Germany and, in terms of media buying, we pool the media volume of Universal McCann, Initiative Media and Mediaplus. This means we hold the necessary bargaining power to provide the best buying conditions for your media spending.

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An essential element of media planning is media purchasing. Since media agencies are able to bulk buy, they receive advertising placements on favourable terms from the marketers. The media purchasers pass on the tariff and non-tariff reductions directly to the advertisers. In addition to this, media agencies take on the planning, implementation and monitoring of campaigns. Campaign management also includes continual data analysis in order to enable optimisation of the campaign performance with regard to the client’s communication goals where necessary.

Media purchasers are responsible for the handling of the entire media purchasing process. They control the negotiations relating to price and allocation with the marketers based on the planned advertising budget and performance data. In addition to this, they check the availability of individual media for the planned advertising times and positions. Close collaboration with the media planners responsible above all helps them to provide advice when selecting individual media within the respective media category based on carefully checked quantitative and qualitative criteria. Usually, they are also responsible for managing the theme of the advertising campaigns and coordinate the creative agencies as well as the marketers. The client always receives a copy of order confirmations.

Likewise, careful handling of customer bills (advance invoices, final invoices), invoice monitoring that takes account of deadlines, reductions and prices etc., as well as accounting (including payment terms and discounts for prompt payment) is taken on by media purchasing.